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We use a Handi-Quilter Infinity machine to beautifully quilt your masterpiece.  You put a lot of time, energy and heart into your quilt tops.  We will use that same kind of thought and care to finish it for you.  Pricing will vary from quilt to quilt because each one is unique.  However,  you will find a list of our services and a general price list below.

We can receive your quilts via all standard shipping methods, USPS, UPS and Fed-Ex.  We can make arrangements for pick-up and/or delivery anywhere in Hot Springs or the surrounding areas.

For your convenience, we accept PayPal, Visa/MC, Discover and AmEx as a form of payment.  We do charge a $5.00 convenience fee for all CC sales for quilting services.

Important:  Before bringing us your top please read these "hints" about preparation.
dBorsos Quilt Studio ~ Hot Springs, Arkansas
To request a quote for your project, please fill out the form provided and include the following information in the details section:
  • Width X Length
  • Type of quilting desired - Edge to Edge, Semi-Custom or Custom (heirloom)
  • Date required
General Price List:
With the exception of edge to edge quilting, we charge by the square inch for our quilting services:

Unless otherwise specified, we have a $50.00 minimum on all edge to edge quilting services and $150.00 minimum on all custom quilting services.

Design Charge and/or piecing rate: $30.00 per hour
Cutting rate: $30.00 per hour and up

These items may or may not apply to your order.  We will notify you before any of these charges are applied to your account.

​Listed Above
.0125   psi
​.0350   psi and up
.0650   psi and up
Edge to Edge Quilting
Basting (for hand quilting)
Semi-Custom Quilting
Custom Quilting
Thread Charge Edge to Edge
Thread Charge Custom
Batting (Hobbs 80/20)
Batting (Quilter's Dream)
​$7.50   per top
$15.00 per top
$9.00   per yd (oversized - $12.00 per yard)
Price varies according to size
$10.00 each + Fabric
Turning Charge
Pressing Charge (Top or Bottom)
Piecing Charge (Backs)
Trimming Charge (Before Quilting)
Add leaders to backing
​Edge to Edge Long Arm Rates!!!
    Any Quilt Top up to 49" Max dimension ONLY $69 each!
    Any Quilt Top  50" ~  69" Max dimension ONLY $89 each!
    Any Quilt Top 70" ~  79" Max dimension ONLY $109 each!
    Any Quilt Top 80" ~  89" Max dimension ONLY $129 each!
    Any Quilt Top 90" ~ 94" Max dimension ONLY $149 each!
    Any Quilt Top 95" or more Max dimension ONLY $169 each!

Additional pricing information is listed below

We do our best to complete edge to edge quilts within 2 weeks depending on the time of year and whether or not your completed project is being shipped or delivered.   Please plan to allow extra time for graduation and Christmas delivery.  Delivery for Custom Quilting can take 3-6 months depending on our work load so please plan accordingly. 
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